Many of our clients who have worked with other aquarium services report a noticeable improvement in their aquariums when Aquarium Services and Systems steps in. Our creative designs and excellent customer service set us apart from the rest. As our customer, we are confident you will see the difference too. 

Installation: Eric ensures that your aquarium's installation is smooth and creates only a minimal interruption to your home or business. Eric will work with your team to ensure that the installation occurs at a time that is best for you. 

Management: We provide the maintenance and care for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums in and around Lane County, Oregon. Whether it be for your home or business, Aquarium Services and Systems, LLC can handle all of your aquatic system needs. Services can be provided weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We work with you and your schedule to set-up a convenient day and time to service your aquarium. 
  • Custom installation

  • Custom fish ordering available

  • Aquarium relocations, any size

  • Plant food and care

  • Coral and invert food and care

  • Removal of problem, sick or dead fish

  • Delivery of fish, invertebrates, plants and corals

  • Provide selection of fresh and saltwater fish, invertebrates. plants and coral to existing clients

  • Fish sitting

  • Teaching regarding other fish care and anything else regarding aquatic life

  • 24/7Emergency services

  • Sell all aquarium supplies and equipment

  • Thorough cleaning of aquarium walls (acrylic or glass)

  • Thorough cleaning of glass covers, light fixtures and aquarium stands

  • Manual cleaning and vacuuming of gravel

  • Inspection of all equipment

  • Bleaching of all decorations, when needed, off site

  • Cleaning of decorative corals, plastic plants and ornaments

  • Replace, change and/or clean filters

  • Monitor fish food and supply when needed

  • Consult on fish feeding, quantity, timing and diet

  • Water changes as necessary

  • Water quality testing
We are experienced with:

Undergravel filters 

Canister filters

Trickle filters

Hang on filters

Protein skimmers

Calcium reactors

R/O filters 

All water and air pumps

All lighting systems

UV Sterilization

All heaters and chillers

Any other aquarium related equipment