A native to Oregon, Eric Eakin hopes to be your first and last stop for quality aquarium service. He has over 20 years experience in the fish industry which began while working at a retail pet store in the 80's. After persuing a degree in science at the University of Oregon, he decided to put his knowledge of fish and science to the test. He created and manufactured protein skimmers under the name Top Fathom, LLC. After 10 years in the manufacturing business, he decided to return to his real passion and hobby, aquariums. 

Aquarium Services and Systems, LLC began as a dream and became a reality in 2001. Due to quality work and word of mouth, his client base now exceeds 100 tanks. As is life, the fish industry is an ever changing, ever evolving business. Eric keeps current with the most up to date trends in the fish industry world by using the Internet, fish magazines and hands on experience. His experience with all brands of equipment and supplies has been an asset to his clients.

As the business has grown, Eric's family has become more involved. Over the last year his wife, Erikka, has reduced her work schedule as a RN to assist Eric with his growing business. His daughter Chynna often accompanies him on his services and has expressed an interest in being an aquarist when she grows up. His son, Kye, can be seen lugging water and cleaning tanks from time to time. With support of his family, Eric is able to spend more time providing quality service to his clients.

In October 2007 we hired Patricio "Pato" Paz, who was born and raised in a small fishing village in Canoa, Ecuador. He arrived in the United States April, 2007 with his wife, Erin and daughter, Violet. Erin met Erikka through a mutual friend and that's how Pato began working for Aquarium Services and Systems. He loves the work and has met many nice people and fish.
Kye, Erikka, Chynna, and Eric
Eric Eakin and his assistant Patricio "Pato" Paz